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What is BHR Academy?

The identification of each of the major challenges proposed by the market, the need for innovation and the management of its possible impacts on human rights require activating and maintaining a transparent dialogue, and building   new capacities and competencies. BHR wants to contribute to finding solutions to these challenges by ensuring that this conversation is given and maintained. It aims also for this dialogue to serve as a basis to enhance business skills and the necessary expertise to address these challenges and achieve the proposed goals.

At BHR we know that dialogue should take place at different levels and that it should include all areas of the organizations and not just the most specialized in these triple-agenda topics. Without the participation of all these areas, the internal cultural change required to cope with external pressures will not be possible.

Therefore, our proposal for dialogues and training for 2018 seeks to create different avenues for discussion and to improve training in key skills and expertise. In this conversation, our main focus is the framework of Human Rights and Business, and its relationship with the global development agenda and market challenges. So, we’re looking to:


  • Create and maintain avenues for discourse with the business sector on the practical challenges and lessons learned in the implementation of due diligence processes in the field of human rights in all sectors and countries of operation.

  • Create avenues for the formation of capacities and competencies that serve to connect the strategy and operation of companies with the human rights agenda, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and climate change.


We propose a dialogue and training model based on 4 formats:


These are trainings on specific challenges around human rights due diligence. It seeks to answer specific management questions such as: How to start a due diligence process? How to identify the potential impacts of my business? What to report? How to report?

These arrangements usually exploit the BHR's network of international partners and look for the best expert or possible expert on the proposed topics.


This format aims to attract corporate areas that usually do not consider the issue of human rights as an important part of their task.

BHR seeks with this type of training to create a safe and creative space to find solutions to the internal challenges of human rights impact management in a company. Our goal is that the areas of strategy, business, finance, legal, compliance, risks, technology and operations find an avenue where they can share with their peers the specific dilemmas that arise in at the corporate level in relation to the UN Guiding Principles or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Under this format, methodologies and answers to problems of a particular sector are offered. At BHR we understand that each sector in different ways can impact on human rights, and we know the best practices at the global level.

With these conversations we want to support different sectors to enhance their expertise and specific skills to manage it.


These sessions are open dialogues about challenges and opportunities of which even the most specialized agents still have no answers. In these approaches, BHR proposes to move forward into the future in preparing the best possible resolution or innovation to common and novel human rights challenges.

These breakfasts have two main axes: one associated with the challenges and opportunities of new technologies; and the other, on how changes in social and / or political agendas can affect or create opportunities for the management of human rights. BHR breakfasts are held behind closed doors and under the Chatham Rules. They should serve to inspire innovation or the performance level of those who participate.

How to participate?


Sponsor our events. Contact us through mail:


If you think you can contribute with  your experience, knowledge or venues for any of these events, write us at:



Sign up for our events in advance to secure your place.


If you are interested in having BHR perform an event or training on a particular topic, write to: We will be delighted to get in touch with you.

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