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Maria Prandi, Founder and CEO of BHR is member of the following editorial boards:

The Business and Human Rights Journal (BHRJ) is a Cambridge Publishing that provides an authoritative platform for scholarly debate on all issues concerning the intersection of business and human rights in an open, critical and interdisciplinary manner. It seeks to advance the academic discussion on business and human rights as well as promote concern for human rights in business practice.

Business, Peace and Sustainable Development (BPSD) is a journal by Greenleaf Publishing. BPSD aims at understanding the relationship between business, peace and development. 

Corporate Peace is an umbrella concept that contains business, social and strategic dimensions. It is the capacity of an organization to consider peace and the reduction of violence as a component in its business strategy, and the utilisation of business resources to raise awareness and enhance peace. While research has been published on business and peace and peace through commerce, BPSD aims to be the first journal dedicated to mutual contribution of business and peace.


Coordinator: Maria Prandi


This handbook is written as a rough overview of the main procedural and substantive problems that can arise when you file a claim in European courts in connection with human rights violations caused outside EU territory by the activities of companies linked to EU Member States. The handbook is based on a selection of legal problems and paperwork hurdles we have chosen to help you identify the main obstacles in setting up a claim with a reasonable expectation of success and the possible solutions to those obstacles.

Authors: Maria Prandi and Juan Andrés Cano

This book shows how the process of social innovation can be broader and richer from a collaborative perspective. This book is based on the belief that the best way to accelerate social impact and create innovative solutions is collaboration, understood as a constructive and open dialogue between people from different sectors. To explain this, the first three parts of the text show us a sweep of the definitions of social innovation, the different forms of innovation of each sector and the advantage of collaboration. The next two parts detail co-innovation strategies that are supported with valuable examples of how diverse sectors have created valuable solutions through conversation and joining forces. The content is a picture of how the interactions between different sectors are likely to be in the very near future.

Author: Helena Pérez

Learning right is an essential tool for managers, trainers and corporate responsibility teams whether products or services are developed in a factory, a mine, a call center, a ship or a field. Learning right makes an important contribution to the labor rights and corporate responsibility fields by providing simple, clear and creative ways to ensure that good practices and remediation are embedded into workplaces. Helena’s book provides 222 valuable, practical ideas that should find a place on every practitioner's desk.

Co-author: Maria Prandi

The collaboration around social innovation (co-innovation), where public and private actors respond to the challenges of development through alliances of different kinds, is the model on which a development cooperation policy must be based. This allows the creation of new forms of relationship and governance for the sustainable development, visibilizing and empowering new social and economic actors.

Co-Author: Maria Prandi

Economics for Shared Societies

This book explores how everyday processes such as how we organise our economy, develop our policing, health, education and policing systems, protect the environment or respond to political and cultural differences can all help or hinder the management of diversity. Drawing upon examples from over 50 countries, the book shows how many institutions are now adapting their policies and practices to help create more equal, inclusive and peaceful societies.

Co-Author: Maria Prandi

Compilation of several articles on business and human rights.

Authors: Maria Prandi, Juan Andrés Cano and Daniel Arenas

Authors: Maria Prandi and Josep M. Lozano (Coords.) 

Authors: Maria Prandi Chevalier and Josep M. Lozano Soler

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Coinnovación tecnológica para la construcción de la paz

Interview to Maria Prandi and Juan Andrés Cano

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