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The training model of BHR is not centered in learning about human rights, but in learning FOR human rights. 


This training model offers distinct possibilities:

  • Classroom training
  • Online learning-Interactive learning
  • Blended learning (hybrid learning)
  • Learning based in dilemmas
  • Learning oriented projects
  • Digital games based learning (in development)
  • Experiential learning/action learning
  • Collaborative learning 
Our courses can be carried out by organizations using their own platform for the training or based upon our own digital learning platform.


We want to be your training reference for the following themes:

  • UN Guiding Principles: Strategies and Models of Change

  • Due Diligence

  • Dilemmas of Human Development

  • Labor Rights

  • Strategy and Management of Changes in Human Development

  • Dispute Resolutions

  • Remedy

  • Capacity Building of Suppliers

  • Stakeholder Engagement


These courses are held in all levels of the organization and we use methods of assurance learning and tutor services for continuous improvements.

We deliver practical advice and capacity building to CEOs. Our focus on implementing pragmatic solutions has remained a constant throughout our work worldwide.

Learn more about our methodology and tools.



Learn about our events for 2018. These are discussions and training activities that are directly related to the most pertinent and up-to-date world events. These activities and trainings will address how best to implement the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) within your organization, as well as various other topics to improve the understanding of the UNGP and overall responsible business conduct.

Information about the events

Looking for experts in the field of business and human rights? 

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