jue., 26 abr. | Madrid, Spain

BHR Breakfast meeting: The impact of Blockchain on human rights, myths and realities

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Hora y Lugar/Time and Location

26 abr. 2018 9:30
Madrid, Spain


Blockchain is presented as one of the technologies that will bring us from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Internet of Value. This, for the world of responsible management of companies, means being able to use a technology that allows to better measure the value created by companies and better manage the relationships with their stakeholders.

Although the blockchain technology has increased its practical applications such as the cryptocurrencies and the monitoring of some processes, it is still a challenge to understand which role it could play in ensuring a more sustainable and responsible corporate management.

This breakfast meeting invites participants to jointly explore these technological opportunities, challenges and risks for the responsible management.

Date and place: The date is approximate. We will inform in due time, as well as the place where the event will be held.

Free entrance until complete capacity.

Sorry, registration is closed

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