lun., 21 may. | Madrid, Spain

BHR Breakfast meeting: the role of the legal and compliance areas in the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles

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Hora y Lugar/Time and Location

21 may. 2018 9:30
Madrid, Spain


A great deal of the challenge regarding the implementation of a due diligence process is related to the fact that legal systems show a variety of ways to protect human rights in each country or, in some cases, are even unable to ensure their protection according to the law. In this sense, it is important to understand how these legal systems work and how a possible impact could be related to a rule or an interpretation of it that is contrary or insufficient to guarantee the respect for human rights.

This challenge is relevant for the legal and compliance departments whose task is to ensure that the business complies with the legal system at a global level, preventing the company from violating the rules. Therefore, solving the dilemma between a universal application of human rights and local laws is a complex matter in practical terms. Solving these dilemmas requires of legal and compliance agents with the competences for solving them in the practice in accordance with international human rights standards.

Given this difficulty, it is important to open a conversation with the legal areas that operate in countries with different legal cultures and systems to look for strategies and methodologies of interpretation and legal practice that allow a better respect for human rights.


  • Companies’ legal and compliance areas teams and corporate law firms.

Date and place: The date is approximate. We will inform in due time, as well as the place where the event will be held.

Entrance and registration: By invitation.

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