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BHR at the Business for Peace Summit 2016 in Oslo

From the 2nd to 4th of May 2016, the Oslo City Hall hosted the Business for Peace Summit 2016, the core theme of the debate was “Moving towards the Global Goals: Business as a Problem Solver”. As every year, the summit also included the Business for Peace 2016 Award ceremony. Our very own Juan Andrés Cano, (partner and head of Latin America for BHR), was in attendance, and was honoured with this same award last year.

During the two-days event, almost 200 board chairs, CEOs and leaders of international organisations, participated in the discussion about the role of Business related to the Global Goals of Sustainable Development, among them Juan Andrés Cano, partner and head for Latin America of BHR, who presented the PeaceStartup initiative at the table dedicated to the Global Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Ultimately, the participants presented, at the 17 tables in which the debate was divided (one for each Global Goal), “various practical actions needed in order to make substantial, business relevant progress on sustainability”.

Right after the roundtable, the Business for Peace 2016 Award ceremony, which each edition honours those global business leaders who are “positively changing the face of business”, recognized the contributions of Sarah Beydounm (Lebanon), Tore Lærdal (Norway) and Jennifer Nkuene (Kenya) to their societies.

Other side events celebrated during those days in Oslo completed the Summit’s events programme. This is the case of the UN Global Compact Business for Peace Steering Committee Meeting, which brought together representatives of United Nations, Companies, NGOs and Think Tanks or s of United Nations, Companies, NGOs and Think Tanks or the Honourees Symposium and Dinner, attended by previous Honourees, including our partner Juan Andrés Cano, winner of the Business for Peace Award in 2015.

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