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BHR attended the celebration of the 100 Jornadas Corresponsables in Barcelona I BHR asistió a la cel

On 9 of March of 2017, Corresponsables celebrated in the Espai Endesa of Barcelona its 100 Jornadas Corresponsables, where with the occasion of the presentation of the 12th Corresponsales Yearbook 2017, around 25 speakers, representatives of all interest groups, reflected on Responsible Communication and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nowadays social welfare issues have been of great importance in all economic sectors, and this is how many interest groups have established as a priority the contribution and support in terms of Sustainable Development, which brings benefits to society of present generations and benefits for future generations.

Thus, since the society is experiencing difficult times in education, health, hunger, poverty, energy, labor, among others, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been part of the initiation of a joint change where to solve these problems. To this end, Sara Barbel, General Director of Barcelona Activa and Manager of Economic Policy and Local Development, believes that "it has reached a third generation of responsible companies that are becoming promoters of Sustainable Development not only within companies but at a global level" which underlies the importance of contributing to Sustainable Development.

Among the events carried out there was a first roundtable dedicated to large companies (with representatives of ENDESA, BBVA, Gas Natural FENOSA, Leroy Merlin, Suez Spain) and then a second roundtable with other stakeholders such as Public Administrations, DIRCOM, Seres Foundation, and the Federation of CCOO services. In both cases, based on an initial question put by the moderator, each of the speakers commented on how their organization faces the challenges derived from the Sustainable Development Goals and Responsible Communication.

The day also served to give recognition to all those organizations that in recent years have collaborated with Corresponsables, among which was BHR. María Prandi, founder and executive director of BHR, was in charge of collecting the diploma accrediting this recognition.

To conclude, the attendees had the opportunity to participate in four workshops in which they were able to go deeper into CSR Communication and SDGs:

1. Communication and CSR in SDG 3 / Health and Welfare.

2. Communication and CSR in SDG 17 / Partnerships to achieve the Goals.

3. Communication and CSR in SDG 11 / Sustainable Cities and Communities.

4. Responsible communication of SDGs.

El pasado 9 de marzo de 2017, Corresponsables celebró en el Espai Endesa de Barcelona sus 100 Jornadas Corresponsables, donde con motivo de la presentación del 12º Anuario Corresponsables 2017, alrededor de 25 ponentes, representantes de todos los grupos de interés, reflexionaron en torno a la Comunicación Responsable y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS).


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