WhO are we?

A passionate team with great  expertise across many sectors at international level.

The BHR team is expert in the domain of business and human rigths. We all bring different and complementary perspectives, and more importantly, we all want to make a positive impact in our societies.

Juan Andrés Cano, Partner and

Head of Latin America, BHR

Maria Prandi

Founder and CEO

Maria has more than 20 years of experience advising different types of organisations on the topic of business and human rights. She has worked for several governments and private organisations and, since 1999, she has developed her capacities in this field linking her work with some key United Nations human rights agencies and procedures. She has provided impact assessments, studies and strategy advice in a wide range of sectors and countries over the last decade.


She was head of the Business and Human Rights program at the School for a Culture of Peace (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Social Innovation at Esade Business School. She has carried out her research on the role of the private sector in relation to human rights, development and peace-building (and humanitarian crises).


She holds a post-graduate diploma (DEA) and a Masters in International Affairs (UAB). She has published several articles and books, Maria delivers speeches and training on business & human rights globally. She provides online training, assessment and coaching for companies, regular lectures and in-house speaking assignments for companies and non-profit organisations.

She was member of the UNGC expert group on Responsible Business and Investment in High Risk Areas. Maria was also the founder and chief editor of the first electronic newsletter on business and human rights: BEDH.


LinkedIn: Maria Prandi Chevalier

Skype: mariaprandi

E-mail: maria.prandi@businessandhumanrights.es

Twitter: @maria_prandi

Juan Andrés Cano

Partner and Director of Business Development

Juan is a senior consultant in ethical business and sustainability. He has a deep understanding on technology and social innovation. He has vast knowledge of the role businesses play in humanitarian crises, conflicts, human rights and the environment. 

He is passionate about the possibility of transforming businesses to create long term value with high social and environmental impact. 


Juan is a lawyer and an entrepreneur. He has built 4 companies in complex contexts. He received the Business for Peace Award of the Business for Peace Foundation (Oslo) for using and connecting technology with the global agenda. 

LinkedIn: Juan Andrés Cano

Skype: canojuanandres

E-mail: juan.cano@businessandhumanrights.co 


Twitter: @decaforo

Eneko Sanz

Knowledge Management Expert

Eneko has been researcher of Eticas Research & Consulting for European projects on the social impact of security technologies, and in the program on disarmament and post-war rehabilitation of the School of Peace Culture of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). As an independent consultant, he has worked for Conciliation Resources providing technical assistance in the peace negotiations in the Philippines, to the Office of the Presidential Advisor for the Peace Process in the Philippines and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces in Palestine designing systems of monitoring and evaluation, as well as for the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies in Cambodia, advising on policies of reconciliation.


Eneko has been teacher and trainer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Pannasastra University, Folke Bernadotte Academy and the Barcelona International Peace Resource Center. Graduated in Political Science at the London Guildhall University, MA in Violence, Conflict and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in Regional Integration by the Asia-Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya and a PhD in International Relations at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Eneko has published DDR 2009: Analysis of Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Programmes in the World, (ECP: 2009), and National Apologies (CPCS: 2012).

Pia is an experienced  business and human rights international practitioner and consultant based in Paris, specialized in abuses committed in the context of global business operations and supply chains. She has worked in a wide range of projects involving business operations in different Asian countries, Latin America and Europe, including different sectors of activity such as textile and food. Pia has also led research on the role that business can play in post conflict situations. 

Especialista en cuestiones de globalización, empresas y derechos humanos, cadenas de suministro globales y debida diligencia corporativa en diferentes sectores y áreas geográficas. Asimismo, tiene amplia experiencia en el sector financiero y asesoramiento a empresas e inversores en el marco de operaciones transnacionales y transacciones corporativas.

Con experiencia en organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro de diversa naturaleza, y en el sector empresarial, combina naturalmente la comprensión de las perspectivas social y empresarial/de inversión, criticas para avanzar con acciones decididas que permitan prácticas de inversión responsable.

Pia Navazo

Supply chain Expert

María Margarita cuenta con más de15 años de experiencia en transformación empresarial y asuntos públicos para el desarrollo sostenible, la gestión de impacto y la relación con stakholders.


En su experiencia --a través de los sectores agro-industrial (PepsiCo México y PepsiCo Colombia), de telecomunicaciones (Telefónica) y en consultoría (WAT Partners, BSD Consulting, BBDO Consulting)--, ha incorporado estándares de gestión responsable y asuntos materiales ESG en órganos de gobierno corporativo, procesos de planeación estratégica, desarrollo organizacional, gestión operativa y de proyectos, relacionamiento con grupos de interés, desarrollo de alianzas y comunicación institucional. 

Margarita Rodrígiuez

Sustainability Expert

Daniel Iglesias

Legal Expert

Daniel es Doctor en Derecho por la Universidad Rovira i Virgili; Máster en Gobernanza Global y Derechos Humanos por la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha; Máster en Derecho Ambiental por la Universidad Rovira i Virgili; Especialista en Gobernabilidad, Derechos Humanos y Cultura de Paz por la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

Ha trabajado como investigador y docente de Derecho Internacional Público y Relaciones Internacionales. Es consultor independiente en materia de empresas, derechos humanos y medio ambiente y ha participado en diversos proyectos sobre responsabilidad empresarial y derechos humanos para organizaciones internacionales y de la sociedad civil. Asimismo, es miembro del Consejo de la Academia Latinoamericana de Derechos Humanos y Empresas de la Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association y miembro de la Network on Business, Conflict and Human Rights.

Tiene experiencia laboral en organizaciones internacionales y de la sociedad civil. Daniel ha publicado varios artículos científicos y capítulos y participado en diversos trabajos de investigación relacionados con temas de derecho ambiental, derechos humanos, empresas y derecho penal internacional, entre otros.


Helena is an expert in international labour standards and the social aspect of CSR. She has more than 12 years of experience working for international organisations, multinational companies and NGOs in Spain, Latin America and Asia. She worked as a civil servant for the ILO and has recently used her vast knowledge to improve working conditions in international supply chains. 


Today, as an independent consultant, she specialises in capacity-building, HR, labour standards and investigation. She has trained more than 1500 people in 130 organisations in 19 countries. She knows a lot about employment policies, working conditions, labour laws, public and private institutions and social audits. She holds a undergraduate diploma in law.

Helena Pérez

Labour Standards Expert

Leda Stott

Specialist in multi-sector collaboration and development

Leda has over 20 years experience working in international development, mostly dedicated to the promotion, management and evaluation of partnerships involving organisations in the public, private and public sectors. She is the Academic Director of the International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility at the EOI Business School in Madrid, Development Director for Learning at the Partnership Brokers Association and senior researcher with the Innovation and Technology for Development Centre at the Technical University of Madrid.


Leda has worked as a partnership expert for the European Commission and taught on postgraduate programmes relating to partnerships at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford Brookes. She has also directed partnership research and training programmes for agencies such as the Aga Khan Development Network, GIZ, Inter American Development Bank, International Business Leaders Forum, Marine Stewardship Council, Pan American Health Organisation, Spanish Development Agency, United Nations System Staff College and the World Bank, among others. Her publications include: How European Social Fund Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies Support Partnership (2008), The Partnering with Governments Navigator (2010) and Partnerships for Innovation in Access to Basic Services (2014).


Lucas is Graphic Designer, and since 2005 works for the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. In his more than 15 years career, he has been Senior Web Designer at Neoris Argentina, exercising also as a freelance for institutions and companies as CREAF, ALBA Synchrotron, Rovira i Virgili University, la Caixa Foundation or Editorial Planeta.


Scientific divulgation has always been his area of interest. In his opinion, being a designer means "connect with my emotions and then shape an idea or vision. Listen to ideas, understand the objectives to produce something attractive and special, that makes sense to the customer"

Lucas Wainer

Graphic Designer


Course 2017/2018

Gerard Galofre. Gerard graduated in Translation and Interpreting of English and Chinese from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and is a student in the International Relations, Security, and Development Master's program at the same university. 

Ke Zhang. Ke graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Literature from Sichuan University (China). She was a student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in the International Relations, Security, and Development Master's program. 

Zohre Chariyeva. Zohre is currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies in the York University, in Toronto, Canada. Her internship was arranged through the organization Absolute Internship. 

Carolina Lubinus. Carolina is currently studying International Politics at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Qatar. Her internship was arranged through the organization Connect123.

Course 2016/2017

Steven Landry. Steven graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication (specializing in Public Relations and Intercultural Communication) from the University of Washington. He was a student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in the International Relations, Security, and Development Master's program.

Cita Ayeni. Cita graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Law and Diplomacy from Babcock University (Nigeria). He was a student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in the International Relations, Security, and Development Master's program.

Ricardo Salazar. Ricardo graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Business Management from the University of Ibague - Colombia. He was a student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in the International Relations, Security, and Development Master's program.

Course 2015/2016

Ángela Sagastibelza. Ángela graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Law from the Public University of Navarre. She was an intern of BHR during her Master studies in International Relations, Security and Development at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Course 2014/2015

Cristina Fernández. Cristina graduated in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona. She was an intern of BHR during her Master studies in International Relations, Security and Development at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Iria Covelo. Iria graduated in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She was an intern of BHR during her Master studies in International Relations, Security and Development at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Course 2013/2014

Alex Stein. Alex graduated in Humanities from the University of Minesota. He was an intern of BHR during his Master studies in International Relations, Security and Development at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 

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