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Comprehensive management of Human Rights

We support our clients in the management of a wide variety of projects that involve diverse aspects of Human Rights for both companies and the economic ecosystem in which they operate;

  • Preparation of internal regulations (codes, regulations,...) and related policies

  • Review of current due diligence procedures and operating protocols

  • Determination of materiality aspects related to human rights and the analysis of risks and opportunities associated with said aspects

  • Qualitative and quantitative measurement indicators, monitoring and reporting plans adapted to your stakeholders, team formation

  • Accompaniment in decision making, participation in the development of short and long-term strategies and business plans.


Due Diligence Compass

BHR has an agile methodology for determining the gaps between the due diligence procedures established by the company and the demands of the European Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD).

In addition, we develop a corrective action plan with qualitative and quantitative indicators in the short, medium and long term.


Analysis of the value chain

We identify the value chain of our clients, both “upstream” and “downstream”, and analyze the real and/or potential adverse effects, in the area of human rights, associated with it.

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Human Rights and Supply Chain

We evaluate our clients' practices in their supply chain, incorporating or improving the Human Rights perspective.

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Country Risk Analysis

BHR has a computerized human rights risk assessment tool for more than 190 countries, which allows our clients to determine the scope and consequences of their operations.

The tool is reviewed periodically, based on reliable sources of information and key indicators.

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Due Diligence Policies

Following the provisions of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the European Union Due Diligence Directive (approval imminently), we prepare the Due Diligence Policy for our clients, after a detailed understanding of their purpose, their business models and the pre-existing compliance systems in their organizations.


Human Rights Policies

We develop the Human Rights Policy for those companies that choose to have a single drafted document that reflects their operational commitments regarding human rights, consistent with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Due Diligence in M&A

We carry out due diligence evaluations prior to a merger, acquisition, joint venture, investment, divestment,... with the aim of pointing out to the parties involved the potential critical points to consider in their analysis of the risks of the operation associated with human rights. .


Human Rights in the Sustainability Strategy

We participate in the strategic sustainability reflection sessions of some of our clients, with the aim of including the human rights perspective and transforming possible risks into business opportunities.


Analysis of Risks and Opportunities associated with Human Rights

We study the company's material issues regarding human rights and carry out the analysis of Risks and Opportunities associated with them.


Environment and Human Rights

We have reference partners in the environment to carry out impact assessments on human rights and the environment as a result of the activities of the company, its subsidiaries or those of its value chain.


Communities and positive social impact

We evaluate the social and environmental circumstances of the client's sites and propose a strategy with positive social impact for all parties involved, taking into account local customs and regulations, as well as the challenges faced by the local population.

The social action plans aim to strengthen the development and response capacities of communities within the company's economic ecosystem.


Field Work and Risk Management

We travel to our clients' places of operation anywhere in the world to understand the local situation and evaluate the Human Rights risks of their operations.

Observations of local procedures and customs are compared with current international regulations and action and monitoring plans are proposed.


Dispute management

We intervene in the management of

controversies, arising from actual or potential violations of human rights,
of a company in its relationship with third parties.

We provide knowledge of international human rights regulations and the on-the-spot evaluation of the circumstances that have triggered the controversy.


Relations with Communities in fragile and conflict contexts

We carry out dialogue and negotiation processes for our clients in their relationships with the communities of the countries and geographical areas in which they operate.

We have experience in conflict management in fragile socio-economic environments.

Our negotiation processes aim to pacify the parties, find a space for rapprochement, approve a common objective and integrate development plans that allow the achievement of said objective.


Dialogue with Stakeholders

We enrich communication (and risk management) with interest groups.

We incorporate the human rights approach in the development of communication with the company's various interest groups (internal and external).

We align the various parts of the company's economic ecosystem through a common language that allows us to cultivate mutual trust and manage expectations.


Human Rights and the Board of Directors

The new European Due Diligence Directive is defining new responsibilities for directors and introducing the concept of the Council's “duty of care” regarding the environmental and Human Rights consequences of its decisions.

We accompany Councils in their sustainability responsibilities and particularly in relation to Human Rights.


Advice to investment and financing teams.

Sustainable finance requires including the dimension of human rights when determining the sustainability of an investment.

We accompany financial profiles in resolving Business Due Diligence and Human Rights issues that may arise in the preparation of their investment projects and/or investment needs.


Training in Human Rights for diverse company teams

We design and develop ad-hoc training plans on human rights for a large spectrum of company profiles that work transversally on sustainability projects that involve human rights issues.


Security Teams and Human Rights

We train our clients' security teams, whether our own or subcontracted, in human rights matters, in accordance with regulations and with special emphasis on the United Nations Voluntary Principles.

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