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Can we help you with your non-finantial reporting?

We help you improve the reporting of non-financial and diversity information to ensure compliance with legislation and success in verification.


How do we do it?


1 / We evaluate previous reports and those that are related to non-finantial disclosure (integrated reports, sustainability, social responsibility, etc.).


2 / We identify relevant information which is in the hands of the company or third parties.


3 / We advise on the consolidation of information and harmonization between different frameworks (for example, GRI, Global Compact, SDG, Paris Agreement, EMAS, United Nations Guiding Principles, OECD Guidelines, ISO 26000, SA 8000, ILO Tripartite Declaration).


4 / We evaluate the quality of the resulting indicators.


5 / We analyze the channels and frequency of communication and other formal requirements of the law.


6 / We offer a diagnostic report and recommendations to guide the report for the following year, including:

- Assessment on the maturity of the company in terms of reporting and information management.

- Examination of uncollected information and limitations on what is collected.

- Potential deficiencies in due diligence or risk management.

- Recommendations on design and implementation of human rights due diligence.



EU law requires large companies to disclose certain information on the way they operate and manage social and environmental challenges.

This helps investors, consumers, policy makers and other stakeholders to evaluate the non-financial performance of large companies and encourages these companies to develop a responsible approach to business.

Directive 2014/95/EU – also called the non-financial reporting directive (NFRD) – lays down the rules on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by large companies. This directive amends the accounting directive 2013/34/EU.


Under Directive 2014/95/EU, large companies have to publish reports on the policies they implement in relation to

  • environmental protection

  • social responsibility and treatment of employees

  • respect for human rights

  • anti-corruption and bribery

  • diversity on company boards (in terms of age, gender, educational and professional background)


This information will be subsequently verified by an independent verification service provider.

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