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"Empowering and coaching children and young people to become sustainability driven global leaders"

Session 1 - EntrepreneursKids Toolkit

Step 1 - watch the video

In this video you will gain some insights about the 1) goals and 2) the step-by-step guiding path to implement this session. You can watch this video as many times as needed and do not forget to take some notes!

Step 2 - Learning Goal

In this session you will help students decide which type of company they want to create according to the following 3 categories:

one person company

A company that has only one person as to its member. Such companies are generally created when there is only one founder/promoter for the business.

a shared company

A company owned by a few people (shareholders).

a cooperative

An autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to create a jointly-owned enterprise.

Each category implies different levels of ownership, decision-making level and distribution of benefits.

Step 3 - How

Ask children the following questions and help them decide what are their individual and collective position about them.


Who do you think should decide what kind of business is going to be created?


Chefs para niños

Who do you think should own the company? 


Kids with Pumpkins

How do you think benefits should be distributed?


Take notes on the blackboard about the different positions and do not judge them.

Remember to allow students the space to encounter problems, gather information, and then make an informed decision—both at the individual and group level. All these skills must be learned through experience.

Niños jugando a la caza del tesoro

Step 4 - Debriefing

In this session you will introduce the following 3 concepts and the values behind them:

OWNERSHIP (collective / individual)
DECISION-MAKING (collective / individual)
BENEFITS (collective / individual)

Help students write a document that clearly states or make it clear to understand the type of company that they have decided to create.

All participants should sign this document.

Well done! You have help your students create their own company!

Step 5 - Taking action

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