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Business and Human Rights (BHR)

We are a passionate team, focused on improving corporate human rights impacts and ESG performance and reporting worldwide. We are based in Barcelona and Bogota but we work all around the world.  We have more than 20 years of expertise.

We are specialized in ESG, sustainability, non-financial reporting, human rights impact, risk assessment and due diligence. We team up with our clients to jointly innovate and raise their human rights performance to the next level. 

Meet our team.

Who we are 


We are regularly hosting a variety of events and training activities that are directly related to the most pertinent and up-to-date agenda in the business and human rights and ESG field. 


These activities and trainings address how best to implement the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) within your organization, as well as various other topics to improve the understanding of the UNGP and overall sustainable business perspectives such as ESG.

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Human Rights Due Diligence is a complex process that often needs expert advice. MENTORING is a personalized, flexible programme of accompaniment. It allows us to accompany your company in the development of strategic steps and/ or necessary techniques for the implementation of a Human Rights Due Diligence at all corporate levels.


The objective of this programme is to offer specialized support, based on more than 20 years of BHR’s experience, knowledge and business strategy. We ensure that procedures are aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the current International Standard.

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Our Services

We work with companies, governments, multilaterals, civil society organizations and communities to put into practice the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) as well as other strategic business and ESG frameworks and tools.


All our projects are socially innovative in the way we approach human rights and ESG performance.

Learn more about our methodology and tools.


What we do

Human Rights  Policies

Design, update and implement corporate human rights policies.

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Drafting of NAPs and design of their consultation process.

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Identification of human rights risks to turn them into positive change.

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Dialogue and capacity-building for suppliers and contractors.

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Design and implementation of 

grievance mechanisms for an effective remediation.

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Co-creation and facilitation of strategic solutions in collaboration with key stakeholders.

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ADAPTIVE training and capacity building

Practical and tailored training sessions that address key aspects related to business and human rights.

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For more than 20 years, we have worked with companies to tackle some of the world’s most challenging human rights issues

Maria Prandi, Founder and CEO 

Some of our partnering initiatives

We work closely with the following initiatives and partners, which are at the forefront of social innovation in the area of human rights.

Sharing Rights is a platform to share ideas about labour standards and working conditions. The website is full of practical and great ideas on how to improve access to rights for workers.

This initiative aims to develop a model framework of Human Security Business Partnership to encourage collaboration between the private sector, the public sector, and civil society to address a wide range of security needs on the ground - working towards the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

BHR is member of the Expert Working Group of academics and practitioners which is supporting and developing the Human Security Business Partnerships Project.

The UNGP Reporting Framework and its 31 “smart” questions guide a company through the steps they should take to both manage human rights risks and report on them.

BHR has reviewed and given its support to the Spanish translation of the Reporting Framework in collaboration with Shift. You can find the tool here.

BHR and the Spanish Local Network of the Global Compact signed in 2016 a collaboration agreement in the fields of research and capacity-building.

BHR is therefore providing the Spanish network members with especialised on-line learning units and in site training on key issues related to business and human rights such as the implementation of the UNGP.


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